The DeSoto Owners Club of Maryland, Inc. is a non-profit, social "car club" organization (IRS Non Profit 501(c)(7) Social Club) founded in 1976, and is a chapter of the National DeSoto Club. The club has an award-winning, bi-monthly publication, "DeSoto Diary" for our members.  There are monthly club breakfast/luncheon meetings and sponsored/co-sponsored car shows and other events (such as vehicle workshops) in the MD, DC, VA, PA, and DE areas.  You do not have to own a DeSoto to be a member!  We welcome all who appreciate the marque, even those who choose to modify their DeSotos.  Our members are diverse and spread out beyond the Maryland region.  Most of our members are MOPAR centric since DeSoto was a Chrysler product, but they often have other vehicle interests including orphan vehicles, such as: Studebaker, Packard, Plymouth, Edsel, Hudson and Pontiac. 

Our Club's Mission

The DeSoto Owners Club of Maryland (DOCM), Inc. is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of the DeSoto Automobile by the Chrysler Corporation, model years from 1929 to 1961.